About Featherstone Games

featherstone games is a family run board game company from Minnesota

Hi! I'm Joel and I own Featherstone Games and run it with my family. (Walt 12, my wife Allison and Lily, 9) 

Featherstone Games was born out of a desire to get my kids and in-laws playing more complicated games more quickly.  

I began designing my first game Winterhaven Woods in 2018, to help my son learn to booster draft Magic the Gathering when he was about six. Since then, I have focused on entry level gameplay, with enough strategy to keep seasoned gamers interested and excited to play.

 My games are what I would consider "level up" games, that layer together mechanics and theme in a way that makes more complicated gameplay approachable. Upon first glance a lot of players think, "Wow that was easy to learn." but about halfway through the second game I hear the "Oh! I could do this with this card too." as they uncover all the nuances to the strategy they didn't see the first time through.  That's what I feel like a great game should be:  Easily accessible for someone new, but full of interesting choices for someone with more experience with games.

Our games are a great way to share your love of gaming with friends and family, and if you do try one of our titles, send us a note and let us know what you thought!   🦊 - Joel