Dinositters! Coming in 2022

Dinositters a family oriented worker placement puzzle game

I'm really excited for all that 2022 has in store for Featherstone Games!

I'm currently working on a game with my good friend Maxwell that is, you guessed it Dinosaur themed.  We hatched "Dinositters" on the drive home from GenCon this year, and have both been pleasantly surprised with how quickly it has come together.  I'll be sharing the art and process here and on the Featherstone Games Instagram account.

If you are in Wisconsin from December 3-5 for Protospeil Madison 2021, we'll be play testing "Dinositters" so swing by, say hello and give us your thoughts!

In other news, I signed two new exciting games from other designers which I'll be announcing in the next few weeks!  

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